Proof of God 2012

All of the major religions had their beginning when their founders had a religious experience and proved God to themselves. Buddha under a tree, Moses and Muhamad on the mountain top and Jesus out on the desert for 40 days. They isolated themselves, went within (meditated) and had a religious experience which proved God’s existence and Being to each of them. They then went out and taught their followers how to have this same religious experience. In Christianity it was on the day of Pentecost that the disciples and first Christians all had a religious experience and that day went out and began manifesting the gifts of the spirit, including “speaking in tongues”, which is actually speaking a foreign language without ever having spoken it before. Very helpful when trying to spread the “message” to all people. This knowledge of how to have a religious experience, always after the death of these founders, became distorted, suppressed and lost. Proof of God 2012 is an attempt at resurrecting, summarizing and synthesizing all of the methods throughout history for having a religious experience.

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