Professional Telephone Sales Training in London UK
Simon Kenna has brought us this great video all about what his training could offer our business. Simon has his team on hand 24/7 to answer any of my questions. I have used a lot of different methods to get my team motivated when it comes to telesales, but from this video I can see Simon could really give them that push they need to be more productive. I’ve never even thought about bringing an outside person in to train my staff. But I can clearly see from this video that Simon has many years’ experience that he can offer to my staff in the form of personable, one to one telesales training. My revenues have been decreasing year by year, and I really think Simon could help me to boost them, and make my team more accountable in the long term. This guy seems to have the know-how on inspiring sales teams to make the most of every phone call they make.

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