Telesales Trainer’s Tips For Boosting Sales And Success

This infographic has been provided by Simon Kenna, a telesales training expert with over 30 years experience. Sales team success is all about these top 10 telesales tips, which will springboard your telephone sales efforts. If you find it difficult to motivate your team when it comes to telesales, you may want to show them this infographic. It could point out areas that they are spending too much time on, like KPI’s and emails. Time is best spent on the phone when it comes to telesales. Simon’s experience can offer your staff personable, one to one telesales training. He can work on how your team is coming across over the phone, and how they are pitching your products. From this infographic you can see that revenues and sales could be significantly boosted if you take these top 10 tips on board for future use. Making your team more accountable, and not letting them spend time gossiping at the water cooler, will boost your profit margins. Simon has his team on hand 24/7 to answer any of the questions you may have after viewing this infographic. He offers London based in-house training for your tele
sales team.

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