Top Moth Pest Control Tips Infographic

Do you know how to prevent and eradicate moths in your home? We sure do! You may have tried all the old, out of date methods to get rid of your moth problem, but these methods don’t work with modern moths. Once you read through our infographic, you’ll realise you need to use more than one method of prevention to protect your home from a moth infestation. This is especially important if you have a young family, as a moth problem needs to be dealt with quickly and correctly to suit your family. We hope our infographic will make you step up your pest prevention routine, so that no moths can make your favourite clothes their favourite meal! If you have a lot of clothes in storage, now is the time to check that they have been put in tight, sealed containers (or vacuum bags if you have them). Keep reading through this infographic for any points you may have missed. Find the methods of moth prevention that suit you and your lifestyle the best! If you have a lot of fur or woollen items, you need to be extra vigilant with your moth prevention. That way, you can protect your clothes, your family and your home from moths in the future.

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